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♥ Live With No Regrets .



♥ The Babe


the happy girl who lives with no regrets.

She likes to busk in the limelight,
and enjoys capturing attention.
I do not live in the shadow of others
and i HATE to be forgotten.

I do what i say,
And, i say what i feel.

You think you know me?
Think TWICE before u judge.


Here, i do my constant ranting.
Here, i update my camwhoring photos.
Everything here are purely MY opinions,
and u don't have to agree with me.
If my narcissism scares u,
leave me alone.

♥ The Tags

♥ Monday, October 3

Seeing the world through the lens is different from seeing it with your eyes..

Its much more beautiful the way it is.
Photos can never be compared to the images imprinted in our memories.

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12:51 AM

♥ Saturday, September 10

Learn to walk off when the situation calls for..

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11:39 PM

♥ Saturday, August 20

We need to learn to treasure the things that we have,
instead of focusing on what we do not possess..

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11:00 PM

♥ Sunday, July 31

Don't feel discouraged, move on.

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2:36 PM

♥ Wednesday, July 6

Some people are so FULL OF THEMSELVES that they are oblivious to how they ACTUALLY look.. -.-

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2:46 AM

♥ Saturday, May 7

I am 20 this year and cannot vote. But I ask myself, what if I had to. Who will I cast my vote for? Undecided. My heart is with the opposition but half of my mind if not more is with the PAP.

I am having my exams next week in NTU and do not have much time for a detailed analysis with evidences as much as I'd love to. Here are some thing that affects me alot..

I support some opposition as some speak with passion and look like they have potential (Nicole seah) probably lacking a lil maturity and experience. For new candidates, we can only judge with track records (mostly academic or work wise). And there are other opposition candidates whom have proven to be able to speak up wisely as a alternative voice (sylvia lim) and a few lucky ones with the chance to prove themselves (chiam see tong and low thia kiang).

I also support WP for their practical and realistic proposals, perfect and strong alternative to the PAP who have grown so powerful and maybe sometimes of track. I also value the NSP for being the people's voice and looking at the small picture, leaving no citizens behind. Yes, their policies might be a lil unrealistic in the big picture but applaud them for the effort. I don't mind having some of such candidates in the parliament.

I am very disappointed by the lack of justice and fairness in PAP's actions in protecting their party's interest. They leave people with no choice. By creating an unfair advantage for themselves, they are forcing citizens to choose them or driving desperate citizens like some of the opposition supporters, to vote for change. The opposition parties they are voting for might not be good enough but people are desperate for something to happen. To broadcast that areas under opposition will get lesser priority, so tell me, why do we need voting secrecy? Might as well throw a bigger threat of saying people whom dont vote for them gets lesser privileges as a citizen? To me, it has the same effect.

Besides the moral problems, their extremely high pay is of a concern to me as well. Are they really attracting the right people that way? And can those money be put to greater use? Are they really acting on singaporeans' interest? I can't help but to wonder.

Correct me if I'm wrong but Im getting the feeling that the PAP are acting like controlling parents who claims to want the best for the children. And as such, autonomy is sometimes taken away, esp on important issues (election), they entice or threaten the child to direct him to make the decision they want. They might be right most of the time, but not all.. And the child will not be happy and might not understand the good will behind sometimes.. And children used to think they can't choose their parents so they suck it up and live with it, even to the extent of self-justifying their parents' actions. But today they have a chance to rebel.. Lets see what happens..

Think carefully and not let your heart rule your mind or the other way.. Make a wise decision without any cognitive dissonance. (;

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11:09 AM

♥ Thursday, May 5

I believe in Newton's 3rd Law: For every force acting on an object, there will be an equal force acting in the opposite direction.

But still, one of it will be the ACTION force and the other, only the REACTION force.

We need to be able to identify which is the ACTION and which is the REACTION force..
Both might be equally strong and appealing to our heuristic way of judging, but which is the more rational and right force of action is something we have to ponder.

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11:36 PM